Pay Attention to Your Angels!

Now we all have angels and most people on some level believe this.  But how much attention do you give to your angels?  Do you ever ask God to send you more angels to help you in your journey here on earth?  Most people do not give their angels even a passing thought.  I am writing this post to help change that.

But first, I want to stress to always remember to pray and thank God first, above all others.  That being said, I frequently, almost daily, pray to God to send more angels to be around me, my family, friends, co-workers, and people in the world who are suffering.  I pray to God to send angels to console them, administer and comfort them, heal them, and counsel them.  I encourage all of you to do the same.

Angels want to help us during our time here on earth, but they must be asked first.  As you probably know, because God gave humans free will, angels will generally not interfere without being called on.  That being said, there are of course times when God allows angels to make themselves known to us.  There was a time in my life when I was very depressed and going through a tough time.  I had a dream one night that a bright white ball of light was on my dresser.  I reached out to touch it, and when I did, all my pain was taken away and it was replaced with a beautiful warmth that flooded through my body.  Afterwards I felt calm and at peace and I slept like a baby!

It was 10 years later when I started learning about angels that I understood that this was an angel sent to help me during a difficult time.  But now I know, I can ask for that help as well.

We all have been blessed with a “spirit team” as I call it and they want to help us navigate this world.  So start asking God to send angels to be by your side for various purposes and see if you notice them.  Some people are blessed to occasionally see angels but most of the time they will very gently make themselves known to us.  So if you do not pay attention…you could miss them.

You may see 44, 444 everywhere one day, or have a bird fly unusually close to you, or simply feel that someone is near helping you.  Trust your instinct on this.  The biggest mistake we all make when communicating with the spiritual realm is that we don’t understand the basic law that there are no coincidences.  If you think about angels and then get a sign like the ones I mentioned, this is an angel letting you know they are near.  Do not rationalize.

There is a saying that if you speak to God you are religious but if he speaks back you are crazy!  It is simply does not make sense to say that we are having a temporary physical existence followed by an eternity in a spiritual body, yet spiritual beings do not try to communicate with us?  Contemplate and feel free to comment.

The Change

This blog started as a website to promote the novel I was writing, “Forbidden.”  This book was supposed to be a young adult paranormal romance in the ever popular fallen angel genre.  As it turns out, not only did the book wind up being about unfallen angels…but my interests and experiences led me away from the darker side of the angel world into the light.  As it turns out, the world of unfallen angels is fuller and more interesting than any dark brooding fallen angel could ever be.  I have revamped this site to reflect my views two years later.

I am close to finishing the rework of my angel novel “Progeny.”  It has a new name as does this site.  The new title for this site is “angel lights” because this is the most frequent visible way angels show themselves to us.  So next time you are quietly looking at someone or something…look to see if you see a small but bright ping of light…

Trust that angels exist, that they are here to help you, and take the leap of faith I am taking to discover everything the angel world has to offer…

“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” – this song came on Pandora as I wrote this post…

What is it about fallen angels?

Why are we fascinated by fallen angels?  I certainly was…am.  I loved the “Fallen” series and many of the other great fallen angel YA books out there.  But we love these fallen angels, for the same reasons that they will not be “fallen” forever.   We love angels who are only in the shadows…not in the darkness.  We love angels who can and will be brought into the light.  Especially…if there are fireworks involved.

Angels and Mortal Women…Yeah Right!…Well…Maybe…

For all of you fallen angel novel enthusiasts, have you ever pondered how a spiritual being like an angel could possible have sex with a flesh and blood mortal female?  Seems unlikely… if not impossible…right?

Well, that is what most skeptics say about the union of angels and human women…namely, “No Way!”.

They theorize that since angels are spiritual beings that there is no way this could happen…do they even have the right parts or any parts?!

Well, I recently discovered an interesting piece of information providing some insight into this often debated topic.  Let’s turn to religious writings since that is where the Watchers’ story appears in the first place!  Bible authority to follow!

So…don’t most of us think when we die, our spirit/soul leaves the body, and that it…no more physical body, right?  Well…the Bible repeatedly mentions that the physical body will be resurrected.  It will be a different idea of physical than we currently know…but also a perfect version of our earthly form. 

 Seems plausible, that if the story of the Watchers is from the Bible/Apocrypha, and the Bible states we do in fact have a physical body in heaven…even though we are spiritual beings at that point…couldn’t the same be true for angels?

Namely, couldn’t they have a physical element to them as well?  You debate and decide!


How could the Nephilim have survived the Flood? Was it the seductress Naamah?

          Authors, who write about the Nephilim (the offspring of fallen angels and human women), create imaginative and varying reasons for how the Nephilim survived the Flood…as in Noah’s Arc.  The Apocrypha writings (Enoch 12:4) claim that God sent the flood to wipe out the Nephilim as punishment to the Watchers; however, Genesis states, “There were giants on the earth in those days; and also after that…” (Genesis 6:4). 

        Ok…so how did the Nephilim survive?           

        Would it surprise you if the answer is a woman?  Probably not.  Eve ate the apple, the Watchers were tempted by the beauty of women, and well…naturally, some theorists claim that a woman led to the survival of the Nephilim. 

          Was this woman on the Arc?  She had to have been…right?  After all, only Noah, his sons, and their families were spared.  Theorists speculate it may have been Naamah. 

        Who is Naamah you ask? 

        Well…Noah’s second wife was named Naamah…Noah’s son Shem’s wife was named Naamah…and the sister of Ishtahar who rejected Shemhazia’s advances (see previous post) was named Naamah.  She also is thought to be the sister or daughter of Lilith.  Wow! 

          One theory, however, is that Naamah, caught the eye of Azazel…one of the leaders of the fallen Watchers.  He took her as a wife and they bore a couple of bad boy giants.  Another story claims that Azazel and Shemhazia came to Earth pure but were corrupted by the seductress Naamah.  This is why she is often described as an adulteress, a harlot, and even a demoness. 

          So is it possible that the Naamah, who did the horizontal boogie with Azazel…and some say Shemhazia (yes, she got around the angel community) is the same Naamah (or Naamahs) who wound up on the Arc?  Seems plausible.  I find it interesting that Naamah is connected with Shemhazia, as well as Noah’s son, Shem.  Shem…Shemhazia…hmm.

“Forgotten: The Story of Samuel”

 Note:  Among the many fallen angels is Samuel, whose name means “The Blind God”.

         When Samuel fell it took 10 days.  Heaven was a long ways up and it took that long to impact Earth.  When he finally crashed into the ground, he felt every bone in his body smash.  He lay there broken, blood dripping from the place where his wings had been.

          Michael had ripped them from his back and then hurled him out of heaven.  As he lay there trying to ignore the pain that pulsated through every part of his body, he tried to remember what had led to his fall.

          He knew who he was…an angel…a heavenly host, but he could not remember almost anything that had led up to his fall.  It was a black spot in his mind except for an image that haunted him. It was of her…a girl.  He knew he must know her but he could not remember her name or any connection they may have had. 

          All he knew was he loved her.  But he had fallen and landed somewhere on this vast planet without any way to find her.  All he had was the image of her face and the overwhelming feeling of love for her that caused every part of his body to hurt even more than the pain of his broken bones.   

          He was alone.  He needed to find a Watcher, they would know what to do.  Hadn’t they fallen just as he had, for the affection of a woman.  It was his only hope to find her, to see if he could really be with her.

        The worst part was that they had taken his memory.  It was punishment for his willful desire to be with her.  His desire that made him willing to give up heaven for her and the closeness of the Eternal One.   

          But still, there was a fear that struck a chord in him.  He didn’t know if he really knew her, or if she knew him.  Were they in love?  Had they had a relationship?  What if he found her and she did not love him? 

          Would he have fallen not knowing the answer to these questions?  He did not know.

          He was blind in this world.  He did not know his own love.  He lay there, finally taking in his scenery.  He had fallen in what seemed to be the valley of a vast mountain range.  They were not high, just vast, reaching from horizon to horizon.  The hills were covered in a mix of rock and high grass. 

          He shivered as the evening enveloped the landscape.  He would have to heal before he could move.  He did not know how long it would take, but he had no choice.  He could not find her until the bones in his body fused back together and the deep wounds in his back closed.  He was immortal but not unbreakable.

          The darkness of night came.  It was his first night fallen.  The stars seemed far away…further than they had ever been.  He was lonely, sad, and lost.  Even worse, he was blind in the darkness of the night.  He was Samuel the Blind; but he would search for her until he found her or until the darkness caused him to forget the only thing he had, her face.